Saturday, January 30, 2010

GASLAND Leads Critics Poll @ Sundance Film Festival

Hopefully this is the start of a huge spotlight on the careless--and in some cases outrageous--actions taken and decisions made in the rush to extract natural gas as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Kudos to PA native and filmmaker Josh Fox for drawing attention to the horrible reality that has come to so many communities in our area--and indeed across the country--all in the name of corporate wealth.

'GasLand' Leads Critics Poll - indieWIRE

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So...there was no explosion...but someone was thrown 30 feet in the air? How does that work?

Chesapeake denies its well exploded
By Ron Hosie

The incident involving a Chesapeake energy natural gas well this morning in Tuscarora Township was not an explosion, a company spokesman said early this afternoon.  Brian Grove, Chesapeake's director of  corporate development in Towanda, in a prepared statement, described what happened as "a brief but forceful uplift of tubing."  He specifically denied that the phenomenon was an explosion.  Three employees of a contract company were transported to a hospital, he said, but none had critical injuries.  "There was no release of any materials that could be harmful to the environment and the situation presents no danger to the public. This is all the information that is available at this time," Grove said in the statement.

According to transmissions over Wyoming County 911 communications at the time of the incident, an explosion  took place at the Mowry well site of Chesapeake Energy on Clapper Hill in Tuscarora Township.  One person was thrown in the air 30 feet, and suffered back pain and injuries to his wrist and another individual sustained back pain, according to preliminary reports.  

Emergency crews were called out, according to the scanner transmission, but there was no visible fire. Laceyville Fire Chief Scott Fisher refused to comment at mid-morning, saying he would need to finish his report first.  Jim Vajda. Bradford County's Emergency Management Agency director was reported on the scene and unavailable for immediate comment.