Thursday, July 14, 2011

Renewable energy could power the world without new technologies or higher costs

The world can be powered by alternative energy in 20 to 40 years by Louis Bergeron.

If someone told you there was a way you could save 2.5 million to 3 million lives a year and simultaneously halt global warming, reduce air and water pollution and develop secure, reliable energy sources – nearly all with existing technology and at costs comparable with what we spend on energy today – why wouldn’t you do it?

According to a new study coauthored by Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson, we could accomplish all that by converting the world to clean, renewable energy sources and forgoing fossil fuels.

“Based on our findings, there are no technological or economic barriers to converting the entire world to clean, renewable energy sources,” said Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering. “It is a question of whether we have the societal and political will” [emphasis mine].

He and Mark Delucchi, of the University of California-Davis, have written a two-part paper in Energy Policy in which they assess the costs, technology and material requirements of converting the planet, using a plan they developed.

The world they envision would run largely on electricity. Their plan calls for using wind, water and solar energy to generate power, with wind and solar power contributing 90 percent of the needed energy......

This article appeared in "Odewire" on July 14, 2011.  Read the remainder of the article in its entirety by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"It's like giving the earth Alka-Seltzer...

-- if the Alka-Seltzer shattered your internal organs so oil companies could harvest your juices."

In case you missed it, last night comedian Stephen Colbert addressed the issue of fracking on his show The Colbert Report.  Yes, it's a serious issue, but if we don't laugh everyone once and again at the gallows humor of it all I think we would all lose our minds.  There are so many funny things in this piece...I don't know where to begin.  I know I'll never look at Alka Seltzer in quite the same way again.  And who knows...will PA soon be under attack??  Have a look-see and a laugh.  You're welcome.