Thursday, September 16, 2010

PA's Men In Black spying on GASLAND goers? Is this 2010 or 1984?

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was apparently embarrassed to discover our state's Department of Homeland Security was performing domestic surveillance on... grassroots activist groups and events associated with them.  As an example, public showings of Josh Fox's GASLAND were targeted as events of interest.  Since when is going to see a film a terrorist threat?  I happened to record it on my Tivo when the film was on HBO; I wonder...will HBO or Tivo be slapped with a warrant to produce names of subscribers who downloaded/recorded GASLAND?  Seriously.  I'm having flashbacks of Orwell's 1984.  All this in the birthplace of our country's Constitution.  The irony is....well, it's just plain sad.  Not to mention frightening.

Now just to clarify, PA's Department of Homeland Security reports directly to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.  Guess who PEMA reports directly to?  The Governor of the Commonwealth.  I guess they must have left that part out of their last few reports.

See the clip that aired on today's NBC Evening News with Brian Williams for more info: