Friday, August 27, 2010

Marcellus community satisfaction survey

Yes. You read that correctly.  If you're interested in finding out the results of Penn State's survey, tune in (on your pc!) September 16, from 1-2pm.  As with most webinars, you must register to attend.  To register or for more information, click HERE.  Also with most webinars, it will likely be archived so that it can be viewed at a later date (for those of us who have day jobs).

Fracking featured on PBS's "Need to Know"

Thankfully the health concerns so many of us have arising from fracking are remaining in the forefront.  A recent edition of "Need to Know," a show airing on PBS, featured an investigative report on fracking.  Prominently featured was Abrahm Lustgarten, winner of the George Polk Award for his environmental reporting on fracking.  If you weren't able to see it, watch it online by clicking on the following link: NEED TO KNOW on PBS.