Saturday, June 26, 2010

Penn State needs volunteers for research project on the potential effects of fracking on rural water supplies

PSU Research Project: Water Well Near Gas Drilling

Penn State’s School of Forest Resources along with several Penn State Cooperative Extension county offices have received funding from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center to conduct a research study on the potential impacts of Marcellus gas drilling on rural drinking water supplies.

This web site describes the criteria for selecting participants in this research study. Please read over the following information to determine if you may be eligible and interested in participating in this study.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Eligibility Survey below. Since participant numbers are limited, submitting the form does not guarantee participation in the study. Your decision to be involved with this research is voluntary.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to consent to take part in this research study.
  • The data collected from this study is for research purposes.
  • This research involves testing and data collection from two participant groups described below.
  • All participants in both parts of this study will receive results from their water tests in approximately six weeks.
  • The results of your water tests may demonstrate that you have a contaminated drinking water supply. If that is the case, you will be notified of the contamination and you will receive recommendations and information from water quality specialists at Penn State.

If you feel that you may be eligible and interested in participating in one of the study groups outlined below, please complete the Eligibility Survey by clicking HERE and submit your application for possible participation in this study.

Click HERE for information on the 2nd Participation Group which begins in Fall 2010.


Fracked said...

Hello Michelle,
It will be interesting to follow the course of this study.
PSU and its Cooperative Extension Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center have received generous funding from the gas industry and have irresponsibly promoted gas drilling in the Marcellus for years.
They and their representatives such as Terry Engelder and Thomas Murphy have been "leaders" when it comes to those who have betrayed and injured the people of PA for the sake of money.
I am looking forward to the day when their dishonest and misleading "marketing" of gas drilling is totally exposed and they are seen for the gas industry lackeys that they are.
They and PSU have much to atone for.

Fracked said...

Hello Again,
I strongly suggest you highlight and promote the efforts of Pitt's CHEC headed by Dr Conrad Volz and their new site -
Their mission and goals show unique promise in areas long neglected by our "leaders" who have been so totally clueless - but always look'n for cash.

Anonymous said...

How can we trust PSU they continue to present a bias for the industry. The PSU live call in show had an unethical bias, refusing to post comments and emails from listeners. The meetings where the extension office is asked to speak is all pro drilling, never talking about the possible catastrophic consequences.