Thursday, July 1, 2010

PA cuts DEPs budget for 2nd year in a row; Clean Water Action issues report

At a time when gas drilling operations are increasing at an alarming rate, let's cut the budget of the only organization regulating and overseeing the whole shebang!

"Clean Water Action today released a report showing ten years of diminishing funding for environmental protection. Citing recent incidents in signficant pollution in the areas of wastewater treatment, food processing and natural gas drillers, the report is meant to show the urgent need for a robust agency to check polluters, look for problems and fine them aggressively for violations. In the Governor's budget deal released today, DEP would take another cut in funding. Adjusted for inflation, the agency is now two-fifths the size it was under the previous administration."  Read the full report HERE.

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Michelle - a group is asking if you'd link them to your blogspot. It is They are working on the issue of Marcellus Shale too.

Thanks for your posts - and work to inform folks.