Sunday, August 8, 2010

Upcoming protest on Marcellus drilling

What promises to be a large protest rally & march on Marcellus drilling is scheduled for October 1st in western PA.  The rally will be held in concert with the industry's SHALE GAS SUMMIT taking place at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.  The Shale Gas Summit is bringing together industry executives, financial experts, legislators and gubernatorial candidates and other key stakeholders in Marcellus drilling.  Such a rally could take advantage of the many Marcellus players gathered in one place and would send a clear message that PA residents will not sit quietly as their wells are contaminated; farmlands are ruined; homes are devalued and tourism dollars disappear.  For more information on the rally, click HERE to visit the Marcellus Shale Protest website. 

What better way to join forces with other Pennsylvanians and have our collective voices heard!

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Brittany Stanley said...

I wanted to share with your blog a performance piece that was made by young local artists concerning the marcellus shale controversy:

video: What the Frack?

A performance piece regarding the environmental controversy over the fracking that has begun to take place in the Marcellus Shale region. Fracturing the earth to drill for natural gas, there has been evidence to suggest that fracking may lead to negative environmental and health side-effects.

This piece incorporates Butoh-inspired body movements in several locations, including a gas pump in the middle of a corn field in central Pennsylvania. The piece also features sound clips from various news sources regarding the Marcellus Shale controversy.

Performed by Julie Mallis, Tara Helfer, and Brittany Stanley

Thank you!