Monday, October 25, 2010

Satellite imagery shows destruction caused by gas well drilling in Marcellus Shale

Recently, Jay Langham, a concerned resident of Washington County, PA authored a photo essay on the gas well activity in his area.  Combining his own images with those freely available from Google Earth, Langham does an excellent job illustrating exactly how Marcellus Shale extraction is forever altering the landscape of these communities.  Since many of the images are taken from Google's satellite photography, the breadth of environmental destruction will be shocking to those who may have only seen the sites from nearby roads or land.  In some cases, Langham notes that some nearby residents were seemingly unaware of the landscape's destruction as some sites are not easily visible.  To view the pdf document of Langham's photo essay, please click HERE.

Please note that you will need (free) Adobe Reader software to view this document.  Most pcs already have this installed but if yours does not, click HERE to get the download.

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