Sunday, February 27, 2011


No, it didn't win the Oscar.  But it's won on so many other levels. Thanks to this documentary, people are talking about a topic that most had never heard of a few years ago.  Case in point: the front page of today's New York Times.  Thank you, Josh Fox, for all of your efforts, your tenacity, and your refusal to back down or be silenced.  You may not have a golden statue for those efforts, but you have the thanks and respect of thousands of people around the world fighting this fight.  And the fight continues!


Karen said...

Michelle, get your head out of the clouds. Gas drilling is here and here to stay. Drill, Drill, Drill!

Peacegirl said...

Michelle, I share your feelings about Gasland. I was sorry it didn't get an Oscar, but it is having a million times more impact than an Oscar would where it really counts. I bought a copy of the DVD and hope to share it a few times this year. Around Rochester, NY, there are quite a few showings lately. People are getting the idea.


PS To Karen: Our heads are not in the clouds. We are just more knowledgable about the dangers of gas drilling.

Peter Buckland said...

Thanks for keeping this blog. We need all the help we can get.
I would email you if I could find your email here.
My name is Peter Buckland. I am an avid mountain biker, forest lover, and opponent of the natural gas industry in Pa. I live in Pine Grove Mills, Pa within throwing distance of the Rothrock State Forest and less than miles from Moshannon State Forest where gas co's already have 90,000 acres leased.
Next week, probably Tuesday, I am going to ride my bike to Harrisburg to deliver a message to Governor Corbett, hopefully by hand, and I also hope to get a meeting with him because of his decision to cut DCNR from evaluating impacts of new gas projects on state forest and park land. It's crazy. It's anti-forest, anti-water, and anti-human. Yeah. It's unlikely he will meet with me and whoever comes with me but I want him to know from people COMING to his office, that we are tired of not being heard.
I want to get as many people to come as possible. I have no set number. Right now, I have a small band of people who are going to join me by car (maybe another one or two by bike) and some wishy-washy interest from the environmental groups and piqued interest from a couple of smaller groups.
Can you help me out? Can you join me?
Can you provide me with an email list of people to contact to join me or some phone numbers of people to call to help me organize. Not necessarily by bike, but in Harrisburg. The governor isn't listening to anyone but gas men and we need to get in there TOGETHER!
Thanks for your time and help.
Peter Buckland