Monday, February 21, 2011

Sierra Club video series on fracking effects

The PA chapter of the Sierra Club recently posted a series of 10 video clips featuring Kevin Heatley, Restoration Ecologist.  The series documents the various effects of fracking to PA forests. The first video can be seen below; click HERE  to view the remaining nine.


Mark said...

Unfortunately, the Sierra Club supports the Natural Gas industry in a big way. The Sierra Club is in no way a friend of the opponents of fracking in PA. Frankly, they disgust me.

Michelle said...

I hadn't heard that--can you elaborate?

Anonymous said...

@ Michelle: Here's an example. After a well executed battle by the students of Penn State University,to close a coal plant on campus,Sierra Club was instrumental in convincing the kids that they had won. The campus is closing the plant and converting completely to Natural Gas. Hail Sierra club. And this is IN PENNSYLVANIA!